SafeInvest presents real value to every single holder and everyone can participate in reaching our goals.

Locked Liquidity

All the initial Liquidity is locked away and stored on DxLocker to protect investors.

Deflationary by Design

Exchange Capital and time for longtime growth of your investment.


Aiming to establish a healthy, well-balanced crypto-market

SafeInvest earns every holder passive income and constantly decreases its own total supply which leads to a deflationary design and therefore ever-growing value.

This effect is achieved by charging a total transaction fee of 8%. 4% of this fee is returned proportionally to all existing holders through reflection thus generating passive income. The other half is, unlike with other projects using static reflection before, not charged and added to Liquidity but rather subtracted and burned.

This is done with the idea of securing a healthy and natural market in the longrun because the Liquidity Pool will - being the strongest holder of all and never having to sacrifice any value caused by fees, instead always profiting from it - steadily grow in value and strength and at some point cause the market to be extremely stable and make SafeInvest achieve its main goal.

SafeInvest has already managed to secure multiple partnerships with more partnerships being finalized each day.

Why SafeInvest?


Earn Interest with every Transaction

4% of each transaction is redistributed to all existing holders through reflection


Ever-growing Value

Every transaction burns Tokens, giving SafeInvest its deflationary nature


Longterm healthy Liquidity

Liquidity is not artificially added by taxing holders, but rather growing naturally with twice the speed

Our Numbers




Market Cap


Tokens Burned




The team is working hard to achieve their goals

2021 Q1 Concept
  • Creation of SafeInvestToken
  • Preparation for Launch
2021 Q2 Launch & Adaption
  • Launch
  • Proving the concept can work
  • Design
  • Whitepaper completion
  • Marketing Push
2021 Q3 Expansion & Exchanges
  • Listing on Exchanges
  • Further Marketing Engagement
  • Concept of SafeInvest Platform
2021 Q4 Implementations
  • Diversification
  • Working on SafeInvest Platform
  • Further Cooperations
2022 Q1 Establishment of SafeInvest Finance
  • Establishing SafeInvest Platform
  • Marketing


Below you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions

Instruction Video

You can buy SafeInvest with BNB by connecting your DeFi wallet (metamask, trustwallet, ...) to pancakeswap. When on pancakeswap go to the "Exchange" section, select BNB in the upper box and paste our Token address (0x55ee329855be1bb356230fd625fc53e4942322f8) in the box underneath.

What is special about SafeInvest?

SafeInvest is an interest-generating and deflationary store of value - Our Speciality is that holders can take 100% use from all the fees and don't just simply have to sacrifice parts of their investment for little use and effect

Tokens are added to wallet instantly just by holding. This is done through reflection and without gas fees.

SafeInvest can be bought with BNB or USDT(peg-Token). More markets will be available in the future.

On Trust Wallet you have to go to the section “Browser” and then search for Pancakeswap. On Pancakeswap you have to go to “Trade” and click on “Exchange”. Now you select Safeinvest at the top and USDT or BNB at the bottom. You should be able to see the number of tokens you own and their value now.

Maximilian Hirth
Co-Founder & Lead Dev
Fabrizio Schenkel
Co-Founder & Marketing
Patrick Bucheli
Co-Founder & Marketing
Tim Weber
Co-Founder & Web Dev